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Building Handover Inspections Sunshine Coast

Certifying Property Readiness

A Completion or Building Handover Inspection is a crucial step in ensuring that your newly constructed property meets the agreed-upon standards and is ready for occupancy.

At Sharpeye Building Inspections Sunshine Coast, we understand the significance of this phase and offer comprehensive building handover inspection services to examine every aspect of your property before you take possession.

Why Are Completion/Building Handover Inspections Essential?

A Completion/Building Handover Inspection serves as a final check to ensure that the construction has been completed according to specifications and regulatory requirements.

Our inspections cover a wide array of components, including structural integrity, finishes, fixtures, and overall compliance with building codes. We meticulously examine the property to identify any defects, incomplete work, or deviations from the agreed-upon plans.

Our Inspection Process

Our experienced inspectors follow a detailed checklist designed to assess the property thoroughly. We focus on both the aesthetic and functional aspects, checking for any discrepancies or potential issues that could affect the property’s usability, safety, or value. By utilizing our expertise and the latest inspection tools and technology, we conduct a meticulous examination, aiming to provide you with a comprehensive building handover inspection report outlining any deficiencies or areas that require attention.

Clarity and Confidence

We offer detailed reports providing clarity, empowering you to address concerns promptly with the builder or developer.

Prioritised Interests

Your interests are our priority. We ensure the property aligns with agreed standards and your expectations.

Reliable Partnership

Completion/Handover Building Inspections are crucial. Trust us to be your dependable partner, ensuring your new property meets deserving standards before possession.


For the right advice, contact our friendly team to find out how we can assist with your inspection.